How to Slow Down the Aging Process with Raw Foods: Raw Food Diet - Natural Anti-Aging Skin Care

Though you cannot prevent aging, you can definitely slow down the aging process. The best natural anti-aging skin care solution is raw food diet.

Each and everyone have the fear of aging in their life. Aging is unavoidable, but you can take some steps to reduce the impact of various aging factors. There are different factors that play a role in the aging process, the most significant of which is what you eat and how you live. Though you cannot prevent aging, you can definitely slow down the aging process and age gracefully by making changes in your diet. Improper diet may result in aging signs like aging spots, fine lines, blemishes and wrinkles on the skin. It is necessary to pay attention to your diet for proper skin care. You must follow a diet plan that helps in feeding your body with all the necessary nutrients, to keep your skin glowing and healthy. The best and most natural anti-aging skin care solution is raw food diet. Include plenty of anti-aging raw foods like fruits and vegetables in your daily diet to slow down the aging process. Beautiful skin can be achieved with an anti-aging raw food diet.

Raw Food Diet Aid Weight Loss - Natural Anti-aging Skin Care Secret

The best anti-aging factor of raw food diet is their role in weight control. Start slowly by incorporating more healthy raw foods into your diet to cut down on your weight and retain the normal weight level. These anti-aging raw food diet supplies us with high nutrient levels and are generally low in calories too. Most vegetables have a very low calorie count as well as they have plenty of vitamins and nutrients to help keep you healthy. Fruit runs a close second in that race. Fruits also have natural sugar that gives you the feeling of fullness. This feeling of fullness may help you not to nibble at other higher calorie foods. Since fat ages you faster, anti-aging raw food diet will help you rapidly lose fat and so reverse your signs of aging and slow down the aging process. You will be able to avoid all the weight-related disorders that promote aging.

Raw Food Diet Promotes Optimal Absorption of Skin Care Nutrients

Skin care is necessary to maintain healthy skin. Nutrients play an important role in maintaining a healthy skin. You can radically reduce the visible and physical effects of aging by proper nutrition. Raw Foods contain important dietary fiber and a store house of essential vitamins and minerals. Cooking destroys nutrition and enzymes, and chemically changes foods from the substances needed for health into free-radicals and poisons that destroy our health. Eating them raw is the best way to give the body all these nutrients. Anti-aging raw food diet helps increase vitality and slows down aging process. We can protect our cells with the right nutrients. When our cells, tissue, and organs get the proper nutrients and are given time to rebuild, they will achieve better health, and natural beauty. Eating raw foods help our bodies do just that, and a body that is filled with enormous amounts of nutrients will age slowly.

Detox with Raw Food Diet - Natural Anti-Aging Skin Care Secret

It is very important to clear all toxins from your body if you want your body to function well. Ant-aging is achieved when you remove body toxins. One of the most helpful benefits of a raw food diet is the detoxification of your body and organs. Raw foods promote the elimination of harmful substances from the body through the body’s excretory organs like kidneys, bowel, and skin. By helping the body to get rid of the accumulated toxins, the anti-aging raw foods slow down the aging process.

Antioxidant-Rich Raw Foods – Natural Anti-Aging Skin Care Secret

Many common raw foods are good sources of antioxidants, which help in slowing down the effects of aging and protect us from many diseases. Antioxidant-rich raw foods should be included in your anti-aging diet. The antioxidants in raw foods act as scavengers, helping to prevent cell and tissue damage while repairing damaged cells, thus helping the anti-aging process and improving cell health and increasing cell longevity. To help the regeneration of damaged cells and to prevent the effects of cancer, natural raw foods should be focused on. Nature provides ample sources of antioxidants in raw fruits and vegetables. Brightly colored fruits and vegetables are wonderful antioxidants and rich source of vitamins and minerals as well as providing complex carbohydrates.

Enzymes from Raw Foods Aid in Anti-Aging Skin Care

Just by eating antioxidant-rich foods will not help you slow down the aging process. You also need to maintain a healthy digestive system to absorb all the essential vitamins and nutrients that the body needs to work properly. The digestive system is one of the essential systems in the body. If your digestive system does not work properly, then the aging process will get accelerated. A healthy digestive system can slow down the aging process. Your body requires a variety of digestive enzymes in order to maintain the overall health of your digestive system. Your enzyme potential can be raised by eating raw foods because raw foods contain a great number of enzymes, which can be added to your enzyme inventory.

Raw Food Diet Boosts Energy Levels

Aging is always characterized by lack of energy. A raw food diet brings more energy and a resilient immune system. Raw foods provide the vitamins and other nutrients that the body needs to maintain proper metabolism. So, if you eat the right raw foods, you can slow down the aging process more effectively than if you consume cooked foods as your body will have more energy left over for healing itself, recovering from daily stresses and cleansing itself from harmful toxemia.

Natural anti-aging skin care starts from the inside and out. What goes into your body is reflective in your overall appearance. People who switch to raw food diet often see an improvement in their skin, and they look younger. Slow down the aging process with anti-aging raw foods like chopped green vegetables, fruits, soaked pulses, etc. Have vegetable sandwich in your breakfast. Avoid too much of salt and sugar in your food and make your diet spice-free. Raw food diet will keep you young and healthy naturally. Having a best eating habit of eating raw foods helps slow down the aging process without applying any type of skin care ointment.


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Anti-Aging Effects of Ginkgo Biloba

Herbal remedies are considered natural and non-toxic.Herbs contain anti-oxidants, essential oils, vitamins and many other plants derived nutrient substances, which help equip our body to fight against germs, toxins, boost immunity level and even help reduce aging effects. Research on herbs has revealed that some herbs have the ability to slow again or reduce the effects of aging. Ginkgo Biloba is one of those herbs which have strong anti-aging properties along with other health benefits.

Herbal remedies are considered natural and non-toxic.Herbs contain anti-oxidants, essential oils, vitamins and many other plants derived nutrient substances, which help equip our body to fight against germs, toxins, boost immunity level and even help reduce aging effects. Research on herbs has revealed that some herbs have the ability to slow again or reduce the effects of aging. Ginkgo Biloba is one of those herbs which have strong anti-aging properties along with other health benefits. 

Gingko biloba is an extract of the leaf of the Gingko Biloba tree, which grows in many places in Europe, and is one of the oldest trees known to exist today. The leaves of the ginkgo tree contain flavonoids and turpenoids – types of antioxidants which make it one of the best natural anti aging supplements.

Medical use of gingko biloba goes back as far as five thousand years when Chinese herbalists used it for memory loss and respiratory ailments. Today tests show that gingko biloba may actually cause damaged nerve cells to regenerate.

Scientists believe that aging and many diseases, including arthritis, cancer, Alzheimer's, and atherosclerosis, are the result of oxidative stress and the accumulation of damage, especially in our mitochondria. Ginkgo's antioxidant properties neutralize the free radicals that can damage proteins within the cell, enzymes, or the fragile lipid membranes that surround and protect the cell.

Anti-Aging Effects of Ginkgo Biloba                                                                                 

Scientific research supports the use of ginkgo to increase blood flow to the brain, one of the areas that is commonly affected by aging.

Ginkgo biloba is a powerful anti-aging supplement that can prevent brain cell damage.Brain constantly requires glucose which is its main fuel. The glucose reaches all the parts of the brain through the minute arteries. Ginkgo has been found to be powerful in enhancing the blood flow through the minute arteries of the brain and the heart. 

  • Ginkgo Biloba slows down the aging process
  • Sharpen your mental performance, increase your concentration and short-term memory
  • Protect against Alzheimer's and other neurodegenerative disorders
  • Boost your energy levels
  • Improve circulation to your feet, legs and hands
  • Enhance your sex life as a result of increased blood circulation
  • Ingredients in ginkgo biloba are known to inhibit blood platelet stickiness. This helps guard against strokes.

Regular use of the ginkgo biloba helps protect against blood clots and nerve damage. 

Ginkgo Biloba as a longevity supplement:

Research has shown that as we age, mitochondria become less efficient at producing energy and more efficient at generating damaging free radicals. This vicious cycle is now believed to be a major contributor to the aging process, and also to memory loss.

Recent research has also shown that Ginkgo biloba extract is remarkably effective at protecting mitochondria from damage. Even more impressive, Ginkgo has been shown to not only preserve mitochondria structure and function in aging animals, but to also significantly extend their life span!

Bilobalide is proving to be a major contributor to Ginkgo's ability to protect mitochondria from the effects of aging and damage, which is a proven strategy to extend life span. All the more reason to take a Ginkgo supplement with as much bilobalide content as possible!

Ginkgo is also a powerful antioxidant and helps relieve muscle pain, lowers blood pressure, inhibits blood clotting, and has anti-aging properties.

Who can Benefit from Using Ginkgo Biloba?

  • Students and those looking to improve concentration
  • Individuals suffering from memory and concentration problems, anxiety, stress, and mood problems

Anti aging herbs can do a lot to preserve our health as natural herbs act as agents that eradicate toxins in the body. Because of the elimination of harmful substances that accumulate in the body, the most advantageous performance of the body is sustained all-inclusively. Today Herbs with anti aging properties are used in different forms like medicine, oil, soap bars, ointments, cream and gel. Ginkgo Biloba is also available in 

  • Caution: Ginkgo should not be taken along with blood-thinners and anticoagulants such as aspirin. 
  • Ginkgo may interact with some prescription and non-prescription medications. If you are taking any of the medications, you should not use ginkgo without first talking to your health care provider.
  • Ginkgo is not generally used for children.

Grapes for Anti-Aging

Research states that grapes exert several significant health benefits. Grapes are known to prevent heart diseases, treat vascular ailments and check episodes of migraine effectively. They proffer considerable cosmetic benefits as well.

Grapes Nutrition: Nutritional Facts about Grapes

Grapes are packed with flavanoids. Flavanoids are powerful antioxidants that provide numerous advantages. Grapes also supply liberal amounts of vitamin C, riboflavin, thiamine, potassium and dietary fiber.

The nutritional quality of grapes gets appreciably enhanced when you consume the seeds along with the flesh of the fruit.

Grapes Health Benefits

The following are the most important health benefits that grapes offer:

  • Grapes for your skin: Grapes are powerful anti- Aging foods. Research and laboratory investigations state that grapes contain a compound called resveratrol. Resveratrol is a potent anti-oxidant; it combats environmental stressors effectively and wards off free radical damage to the DNA of the cells. The vitamin C present in the fruit boosts the production of collagen, and thus helps prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It prevents sagging of the skin, and lends a youthful and radiant glow.
  • Grapes support cardiovascular health significantly: Grapes stave off cardio-vascular ailments. The fruit prevents a build up / accumulation of cholesterol plaque within the arteries and thus, check the occurrence of heart attacks
  • Fight cancer with grapes: Grapes also help prevent the development of cancer. The high flavanoid content in the fruit helps prevent free radical and oxidative damage t the cells; thereby staving off cancer.
  • Grapes treat varicose veins successfully: Additionally, grapes and grape seed extracts treat venous disorders, particularly, varicose veins efficiently.
  • Treating migraine with grapes: Clinical trials and case studies have revealed that grapes are unquestionably valuable in the treatment of migraine headaches. They help reduce the frequency and intensity of the attacks.

Grapes Recipes: Adding Grapes to Your Daily Diet

You can easily add grapes to your daily menu. The following recipes are easy to make and increase the nutritional value of the dishes considerably. When you buy grapes, buy those that are plump and firm; avoid those which are soggy. Also, they should be firmly attached to the stem.

  • You could eat grapes whole or may juice them.
  • Adding grapes to salads is also a very good idea.
  • Add grapes to various gravies and curries, for a fruity flavor. They enhance the aroma greatly.
  • You may add grapes to poached chicken dishes as well.

Foods For Healthy Skin

If we are aiming for a healthier body, we should also aim for a healthier skin especially that age can been seen on the skin. No one wants to look old, but we can grow old but still look young. The secret is how to take care and maintain a healthy youthful skin.

The skin is the body's largest organ, serving as a protective shield against heat, light, injury, and infection. The skin on the face is the most sensitive one; it ages faster than other parts of the body.

What we eat affects how we look. Make sure that you are eating the right foods that make your skin healthy. Here’s a list of foods that keeps your skin well hydrated, young and beautiful.

Image via Google Images

1. Water

It keeps the skin hydrated, in good shape; improves circulation and blood flow keeping your skin glowing; helps cells take up nutrients and flush out toxins, and reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Drinking 8-12 glasses of water a day is recommended.

Image via Google Images

2. Selenium-rich Foods

Selenium is a trace mineral that may help protect skin cells from free radical damage. It nourishes and extends the skin’s youthful appearance. Improves various skin problems and overall skin health.

Image via Google Images

Sources of selenium are:

• Brazil nuts

• Button mushrooms

• Shrimp

• Lamb

• Fish such as snapper, cod, halibut, tuna, and salmon

• Cooked beef,

• Light turkey meat

• Oysters

• Sardines

• Crab

• Whole-wheat pasta

3. Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)

CoQ10 is a powerful antioxidant made naturally in your body. It helps neutralize harmful free radicals, which are one of the causes of aging. Under perfect conditions, the body can produce as much CoQ10 as it needs. However, various factors, such as aging, stress and some medications can lower the levels of CoQ10 in the body. As a result, the ability of cells to withstand stress and regenerate declines. Eating foods rich in CoQ10 can increase its levels in the body keeping it healthy and beautiful.

Image via Google Images

Sources of CoQ10:

• Oily fish such as salmon and tuna

• Organ meats such as liver

• Whole grains

4. Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants that prevent or slow down the damage done to cells by free radicals. This damage contributes to signs of aging, such as wrinkles and dry skin.

Image via Google Images

5. Vitamin E-rich Foods

Vitamin E is another antioxidant that may help shield your skin from damage done by the sun. It has the ability to regulate vitamin A in the body, which itself is important for healthy skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Image via Google Images

Vitamin E is found in vegetable oils, nuts, seeds, olives, spinach, asparagus, olives, and leafy greens in small amounts.

6. Foods Rich in Essential fatty Acids

Essential fatty acids such as omega-3s and omega-6s help produce the skin’s natural oil barrier, keeping dry skin and blemishes at bay. They are necessary fats that help leave skin smoother and younger-looking.

Image via Google Images

Sources of essential fatty acids are:

• Olive and canola oils

• Flax and walnuts

• Cold-water fish such as salmon, sardines, and mackerel

7. Green Tea

Green tea helps to stop inflammation, slow DNA damage, and can help prevent the sun from burning your skin.

Image via Google Images

If we are aiming for a healthier body, we should also aim for a healthier skin especially that age can been seen on the skin. No one wants to look old, but we can grow old but still look young. The secret is how to take care and maintain a healthy youthful skin.

Image via Google Images

The Benefits and Problems with Immortality

This article deals with The Benefits and Problems with Immortality and compares the likely future problems with today;s real problems.

If you made it past the "title," you are asking what the author is taking about the benefits and problems with immortality. Immortality doesn't exist. Unless one is talking about the afterlife which this article clearly is not. For some the question is premature. It is like asking a Roman Gladiator, two thousand years ago, what he thinks about the Apple IPod Phone. However, while the article's topic is farfetched, the problems of extended lifespan, the precursor to immortality, are increasing with each generation.

Let us make a few basic assumptions in this article. First, we will limit the discussion to the United States and look at the ramifications in this country. The fact is the problem will transcend national boundaries, but for simplicity let's look at the effects on one nation. The second assumption is we will simply consider immortality on a small scale, like a few thousand years. We wouldn't want people to outlive the lifespan of this planet or the universe itself.

Lastly, we look at each benefit and problem and compare it to today's precursors.

How would we achieve immortality?

That is a good question which has no answer. We can look at history for clues. As recent as the turn of the 20th century, the average life expectancy for someone living in a Western Nation was in the mid 40's. Other people around the world had shorter life expectancies. The reason was simple: their lives were harsher with less advanced medical care. In comparison at the beginning of modern civilization, the average life expectancy was within the mid 20's. Today the average life expectancy is in the mid 70's. Again, this is for someone living in a Western nation like the United States.

To put it simply: It took over 10,000 years to increase the life expectancies from the mid 20's to the mid 40's and a little over 100 years to increase it from the mid 40's to the mid 70's. The logical conclusion is, as advances in science continue, that the possibility of achieving sufficient medical breakthroughs that can one day prolong our existence to 1000 years is not that much of a fantasy!

For the sake of a simple solution, let us say we are able to quickly create complete replacement bodies with our full memory intact in case our current bodies are damaged or killed. The continuous replacement of old and injured bodies will allow for immortality.

Is this idea farfetched! Not really! Given enough time, human ingenuity will solve many of the intricate problems that immortality faces. Today we have the technology to create replacement limbs, skin, and artificial hearts to name a few.

Who would be able to become Immortal?

The United States is a nation based on capitalistic ideals. These ideals are simply grounded in that having the ability to afford something, assuming it is not restricted or illegal to possess, allows one to own it.

With that being sad, the first group of people to own immortality will be the rich. Like any new technology, the price when it first comes out will be expensive. Plus periodic maintenance costs.

One Result: The Rich Will Live For Ever!

Yes, that is true. Today in the United States the top 1% own 60% of the wealth in this nation. There are no laws against how much wealth one can own. This country is based upon capitalistic beliefs that the creation of wealth is a perfectly acceptable endeavor. In fact, we as a nation admire people who become financially successful. We wish we were one of them. Why would we pass laws against being that to which we as a nation strive to become!

The down side is rich uncle Bob will never kick the bucket and his eagerly awaiting descendants will never have a chance to cash in on all his money. The entire concept of wealth redistribution due to death will forever disappear. Think, if you will, how much richer the Forbes 400 will be if they are young and forever healthy people living thousands upon thousands of years accumulating wealth and power! Do you think that maybe the top 1% might own more than 60% of the nation's wealth after a few more “traditional” life spans under their collective belts!

No More Retirement... No More Social Security... Being able to work for thousands of years!

What is retirement? It is a reward after an “earning lifetime” of work. People work 20, 30, 40, or 50 years and their bodies are worn. They want to enjoy their remaining years earning a pension, annuity, or social security check. If people can live for thousands of years, why would the government pay them after they reach a fixed retirement age? In fact, today the United States government has an incrementally increasing retirement age. If immortality becomes real then logic would dictate that social security as we know it will end.

Now, you can work 500 or 1000 years at McDonalds flipping burgers or refilling empty shelves at Wal-Mart.

Some would say that given more time people can improve their lives. That is true for those that are hardworking and ambitious. These people would have improved their lives, and do improve their lives, without the benefit of immortality. The real question is what happens to those people who are destined never to succeed? We all know people who live their lives with one foot already planted in the grave. Can you imagine those poor souls living futile lives for thousands of years!

Will there be an Immortality Safety Net?

At first the rich will buy it. Then the affordability will work its way to the middle class. Lastly, you have the poor. The one's that can least afford it. Who will pay for it? Today people complain about social welfare helping the poor for a few years with food stamps, job assistance, vouchers, and alike. Can you imagine the cost to provide millions with immortality.

Today, one of the largest expenditure that the United States government has is entitlements... social security, medical care, and other social programs. Having poor people live for thousands of years and depending on the government’s social safety net would bankrupt even the richest nation.

Would the hard choice of rationing immortality be a real possibility? Compare that same thought to a modern problem of rationing health care! At some point, it won’t be affordable? What then will happen?

What to do with Criminals?

Today if you sentence someone to death, they will eventually die in prison. Our country has no real system of rehabilitating criminals. They are imprisoned, they do their time, and they are released. What would you do if a person is sentenced to 500 years or life imprisonment? If today it costs $1,000,000 to house a prisoner for 40 years then how much do you think it will cost to house them forever!

Today criminals are not killed because they are sentenced to prison for hundreds of years. The infirmities of age will eventually kill them. However, if you are providing them with immortality then they will live forever and be a perpetual burden on the government's penal system.

Some might say that they do not deserve this wondrous gift. Others would argue that depriving them of immortality is no different than today's argument of depriving a prisoner on death row a life saving treatment.

What to do with limited resources?

Today there is no such thing as rationing of resources. The government does not force its citizens to conserve. In fact the opposite is often the case. Recessions are currently solved if people go out and buy. The more people consume the more is manufactured. The more is manufactured the more people are working to earn more money to buy more and the cycle repeats itself. Today if you can afford it you buy it; if you can’t you don't. This country consumes far more then it produces.

If the entire economic structure is based on consumption and not conservation then what will happen when the resources are depleted. The question is who will be the barer of limited resources? Will the pain be equally shared by everyone or will those that are rich and powerful be able to enjoy the greater excess at the expense of the poor! By the way, is that not what is happening today?

With immortality will there be TRUE equality of age, sex, race, creed, etc?

For as old as humanity has been around people have managed to find ways to differentiate or discriminate against other classes of people. In most cases it’s been out of maliciousness and in some cases it’s explained away at protecting a defenseless class of people.

Think for a moment you’re a black woman and you decide your next body will be a white male. Who is to say that you need to spend thousands of years in the same racial or sexual class? Maybe you want to be taller or more endowed in your next “reincarnation.” Will the government prevent this? People spend billions of dollars changing who they are today by plastic surgery. What will be the difference? The possibilities are endless.

Lastly, what if want your next body to be a “protected” class. Today people who are small children are seen as a protected class of people and are not allowed to do certain things. What if you want to relive your life again and start at 13 years old? Does that mean you cannot drive your car, drink a beer watching the game, go to work, or have sex with your 25 year old wife?

Will immortality actually remove all barriers to age, sex, race, creed, blond hair, being too tall, being too short, or whatever it is that makes you different form everyone else?

What happens when caution and death is devalued?

Today if you drive in the United States and forget to wear your seat belts you are cited. The reasoning is that your negligence has consequences. The government has many rules on safety to which citations or imprisonment is the consequences of failing to follow the rules.

However, are these rules necessary? If the purpose is to protect people from injury and death then how useful are these rules if people are immortal. What if you drive your car into a wall and die? You can replace your car as easily as you can your body. It wouldn't be too far of an idea whereas people would try to “see” what it was like to die or become seriously hurt just for fun.

The world is full of daredevils. The limiting factor is that their errors of judgment can result in serious injury or death. Take away the consequences and you eliminate the fear of doing incredibly stupid acts.

Will the government intervene on how many times you can damage your body or kill yourself? Today we tax smokers for their unhealthy smoking habits. Will there be a tax on death or a tax on injury?


Its fun to consider something that is not real and to postulate the “what if's.” As technology progresses and people are able to live longer and longer the inequities of life will become more and more pronounced. Will there be an end to wealth redistribution as the wealthy become wealthier and the poor remain so for an eternity. Will immortality be a right for all or for a privileged few? Will we be forced to ration the precious resources as our population increases or will those less fortunate be forced to ration? Will immortality create equality among all or inequality among the haves and have not’s?

While these questions are pure fancy, the fact is that these same types of questions are being asked today. How will this country deal with the ever increasing cost of entitlements? What about the problem of the disappearing middle class as this nation becomes polarized between the rich and the poor? What about the issue of ever shrinking resources? Are the solutions to these problems reserved for future generations or is it our responsibility to solve them?

Yes, the problem posed by this article is pure fancy, but the precursors to those future problems are real and exist today! For part 2 click here The Benefits and Problems with Immortality II

A good article to read more on this topic is from Ann Davey entitled:  When will it be possible to live forever

The Top 8 Ways To Reduce Wrinkles Naturally Without Having To Spend A Fortune

Why buy expensive potions and lotions claiming to erase wrinkles and fine lines when sometimes they don't even show any results. If your feeling a little let down by these lotions try some of these natural, proven methods that you will not have to reach deep within your pockets for. Advice and methods to help you get rid of those lines and sun damage without spending a fortune.

These days as we struggle to maintain our beauty, the products on the market are becoming ever increasingly more and more expensive. From lotions to potions, they all claim to do the same thing erase lines, blemish spots, age spots and wrinkles, feeding off the consumers demand for perfection. Who knows, perhaps one day they will even create that so called miracle potion, however; until then with today's economy as it is, it really is difficult to keep up with the top skin care products as they can cost you a fortune and half the time you don't even see any results from them feeling slightly ripped off.

A more convenient and economical way to reduce lines and wrinkles is by going with natural remedies and though these remedies have always been around, not a lot was known about them until recent years. Though they are not advertised and promoted as the expensive lotions are and are quite easy to disregard because your too busy trying to keep up with the trend of getting your youthful looks back with the more advertised brands you now have a way to save money and have the same effectiveness if not more than those so called miracle products and heres how you can do it.

Skincare Basics

Though you have probably heard this many times before you may as well hear it again because if you don't want your skin to age before its time these guidelines hold true, avoid the sun as much as possible, wear sunscreen, use a moisturizer and try not to smoke.

Use Vitamins C and E as well as Selenium

Image by Wikapedia

It has been proven through research that by using Vitamins C and E along with selenium, it not only protects the skin from sun damage and skin cancer but it also reverses some of the wrinkles and discoloration caused from aging and sun damage. Also Vitamin C and E stimulates collagen production. These powerful antioxidants speeds up the skins natural repair process and stops further damage from occurring.

These Vitamins are usually added in skin creams however; the concentration of these Vitamins are usually very low and also tend to lose any effectiveness they have in the cream when exposed to the sun and air.

Supplements are recommended instead. For vitamin C it is suggested to use 1,000 to 3,000 milligrams daily. For vitamin E it is suggested that 400 international units in the D-alpha-tocopherol form is the perfect daily dose and 100-200 micrograms of selenium (l-selenomethionine). Take note that you should not give selenium to children until they have their second set of teeth as selenium could interfere with the formation of tooth enamel.

Topical forms can be used of these antioxidants but to gain the most benefit use the strongest products which contains 15- 20 percent of vitamin C, 2- 5 percent of Vitamin E and 0.2-0.5 of selenium.

Drink Cocoa

Research has found that by drinking cocoa containing high levels of dietary flavonols, epicatchin and catechin, it helps to protect the skin from sun damage, improves circulation to the skin cells, affects the amount of hydration the skin has and all around makes the skin look and feel much smoother.

Eat Soy

Image by Wikapedia

Research is now showing that by consuming soy it both helps and heals some of the sun damage that occurs. One such study in the European Journal of Nutrition suggests that a soy based supplement improved the skins firmness and structure in as little as 6 months.

Use Alpha hydroxy acids. (AHA)

It has been proven that by using natural fruit acids it can lift away the top layer of dead skin cells which in turn reduces the appearance of wrinkles especially around the eyes. Research now suggests that by using higher levels of these acids it can also increase the production of collagen.

Don't Over-Wash Face

Dermatologists have pointed out that by using tap water you are stripping the skin of its natural oil barriers as well as the moisture that protects against wrinkles. If you wash too much you are then washing away your protection from wrinkles!Also they suggest to try and use a facial cleanser instead of soap as soap is much harsher on the skin.

Don't Squint, Get Glasses

By squinting you are overworking your facial muscles which will cause a groove beneath the skin or in other words you are making wrinkles. If you squint while you are reading then get some reading glasses. If out in the sun try to always wear sunglasses as this protects the eyes and beneath the eyes from sun damage and it will help you not to squint.

Sleep On Your Back

Research has suggested if you sleep in a different position other than your back night after night you can cause sleep lines such as on your cheeks or chin which will in turn create unwanted wrinkles. If you sleep on your stomach this can cause lines between your eyebrows otherwise known as a furrowed brow.

Eat Fish

Image by Wikapedia

Dermatologists claim that any fish containing omega 3, a fatty acid, including supplements such as cod liver oil will help keep your visibly plump and youthful looking, aiding with the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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10 Tips to a Healthy Lifestyle Thus Young Look

Here are 10 tips to a healthy lifestyle thus young look.

When you practice a healthy lifestyle, you achieve that young look. But what is a healthy lifestyle that will bring back youthfulness to your looks?

Here are ten healthy lifestyle tips that many used to shrug but which have been found effective in living life at its best and help people look young. These healthy lifestyle practices are not arranged necessarily according to importance.

Healthy Lifestyle Tip # 1. Drink more water than usual.

The rule "drink eight glasses of water everyday" is a debunked myth. It has no scientific basis. According to Valtin, professor emeritus of physiology and a kidney specialist, drinking eight glasses of water may even lead to "water intoxication". Let your body dictate the time you should drink. Just be sensitive when the need arises.

However, it also pays to drink more than usual. Water can burn more calories because it increases a person’s metabolism by 30% (Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, 2003). A healthy lifestyle like this will go a long way and make you look young. Water makes your face look supple. A young look is not possible with a dehydrated face and body. You will get that shriveled look instead.

Healthy Lifetyle Tip # 2. Eat healthy.

A healthy lifestyle of eating good, nutritious food can add years to your life and keep you young. Follow the age-old recommendation of eating fruits and vegetables every day. Avoid foods high in cholesterol like those you find in fast foods. A study in the 2002 issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine found out that young adults are getting obese faster.

Healthy Lifestyle Tip # 3. Avoid the sun.

The heat of the sun can lead to premature ageing (American Academy of Dermatology, 2010). Those who spend their lives working exposed to the sun tend to age faster than those who work inside buildings. This is why many people who do not expose themselves much to the sun look young than those who do.

Healthy Lifestyle Tip # 4. Don’t smoke cigarettes or tobacco.

Smoking is never part of a healthy lifestyle. Cigarettes or tobacco has a lot of oxidants in them aside from carcinogenic substances. Don’t be fooled into thinking that smoking is cool. Cigarette advertisement appeals to the vanity of people just to sell their products. If you want to get stimulated, there are many other ways of doing it. Are you willing to trade off health for the sake of a few minutes of relaxation that will threaten your life?

Healthy Lifestyle Tip # 5. Find a work that you like.

Why work hard if you can do it with pleasure? When it becomes a pleasure, then it’s not work. And you enjoy it more. You should be glad you have work while a lot are unemployed. Always complaining about your job is never part of a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy Lifestyle Tip # 6. Get enough sleep.

Sleep is a very important ingredient of a healthy lifestyle. Sleep energizes the body and provides rest to the brain from its conscious processes. Tamakoshi and Ohno (2004) found out that sleeping seven hours at night showed the lowest mortality risk. A good sleep can help you look young overnight.

Healthy Lifestyle Tip # 7. Exercise.

There are many literature and studies concerning the importance of exercise in keeping the body healthy. A healthy body means a younger look. Just don’t overdo it. Walking 30 minutes a day will do the trick. A new approach to make sure you do some exercise is to integrate it in your daily routine. While sitting in the office, do some stretching. While typing, turn your heads both to the left and to the right. That gives you a break from staring at the monitor and relieves you of eye strain. Walk briskly to a nearby office. Exercise is a healthy lifestyle habit. A young body is supple which can be maintained by exercise.

Healthy Lifestyle Tip # 8. Think positive.

If you have an optimistic attitude, it reflects on your countenance. You will look more relaxed, thus wrinkling of your facial muscles will be prevented. You will definitely look young.

Healthy Lifestyle Tip # 9. Avoid stress.

Why worry when you can be happy? This will just give you undue stress. According to a Dr. Elissa Epel, a health psychologist, stress is known to speed up the aging process. Live free of stress, look young.

Healthy Lifestyle Tip # 10. Act and do what the young ones do.

People who think they are still young get their bodies up to the challenge. Have you heard about the winner of a marathon who’s a forty-fiver? When you do things that young people do, your body keeps up. Clarence DeMar won the Boston Marathon at age 41 despite a heart problem.

Keeping these healthy lifestyle tips in mind will undoubtedly bring back the young look in you. A healthy lifestyle change is all you need. If you do not keep an open mind about tthis, then maybe you are already getting old.

The Sweet Potato is a Powerful Anti Aging Food

Sweet potatoes are potent anti Aging foods; and are known to prevent the development of wrinkles effectively.

Sweet potatoes do not actually belong to the potato family. It is a root vegetable that has about 400 different varieties, and interestingly, this root has been publicized as an

amazing anti Aging

food that combats the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and helps keep the skin elastic,

soft and radiant.

Health Benefits of the Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes are an excellent source of carotenes. Typically, the darker the root, greater is the concentration of the carotenes.

Additionally, sweet potatoes provide vitamin C, copper, biotin, vitamin B2 and B6 and fiber.

Distinct from the other starchy foods, the sweet potato is classified as an anti diabetic food. Clinical trials state that sweet potatoes steady the blood glucose level and enhance response to insulin.

Sweet Potato and Anti Aging

The root provides exceptional storage proteins, that exert major anti oxidant as well as anti Aging benefits in our body. These proteins are powerful free radical destroyers that ward off impairment to the cells’ DNA and consequently, prevent various illnesses and also halt the process of Aging.

Laboratory investigations say, these proteins demonstrate about 1/3 rd of glutathione’s activity, (a relatively vital anti-oxidant).

Storage proteins, carotenes, and vitamin C found in abundance in the root, have a decidedly favorable impact on the skin. Together, they enhance the body’s anti-oxidant levels; and thus halt the assault of Aging. The sweet potato promises to avert and stave off the occurrence of wrinkles, perk up the skin’s texture and check sagging.Sweet Potota promises a youthful skin texture.

Recipes Using Sweet Potatoes: Quick Serve Options

When you buy sweet potatoes, choose ones that are firm. Do not select those that are leathery, wilted or discolored.

The following recipes are easy to make and can be incorporated in to your daily diet:

  • Slice 2 sweet potatoes, and dab on some olive oil. Toss in your favorite seasoning: oregano, parsley, pepper, or basil. Bake till the slices turn gold-brown. This is a yummy easy to make, nutritious snack.
  • You may add sweet potatoes to sandwiches. Take about 2 sweet potatoes, boil them, and then mash them. Put in some salt and desired seasonings. Use multi-grained bread for the sandwich; stuff the sweet potatoes between the 2 bread slices. Grill.
  • You can add diced sweet potatoes to a stir-fry.

One serving of the root will give you three grams of dietary fiber, two grams of protein, carotenes, and plenty of vitamin C. Incorporating sweet potatoes to your everyday menu is greatly recommended.

The Acerola Berry Fights Stress and Aging

Acelora Berry is the size of a cherry and a nutrient rich food which has potential benefits in fighting stress and slowing down the onslaught of aging.

The Acerola berry is native to the West Indies, Central America, Northern South America and Mexico.Approximately the size of a cherry, the Acerola is a nutrient-packed fruit, and when mature and ripened, has a deep red color and a tart-like flavor, with soft juicy flesh.

Nutritional Highlights of the Acerola Berry: Ingredients for Antiaging

  1. The berries are the richest source of vitamin C. Unripe fruits contain greater quantities of the vitamin than the ripe, red ones. What’s more, the Acerola demonstrates 30 times the amount of vitamin C that is found in oranges and limes, and consequently, it is the best known natural source of the vitamin.
  2. Acerola is a wonderful anti-oxidant powerhouse. It is chockfull of polyphenols, which exert significant anti-aging properties.
  3. The fruit also supplies a generous dose of iron, calcium and vitamin A.

Important Benefits of the Acerola Berry: Fighting Stress and Aging

  1. The Acerola berry is packed with powerful antioxidants. These antioxidants effectively check free radical damage, and prevent cancer and premature aging. They help cut down cancer rates, enhance immunity and protect the body from chemical stressors such as - cigarette smoke, pollutants and allergens, and also speed up injury repair. The high vitamin C content helps maintain a healthy skin and keeps wrinkles and unwanted signs of aging at bay.
  2. These berries are low-calories fruits, and make amazing snack foods for those wishing to lose weight.
  3. Polyphenols present in the berries decrease serum glucose levels significantly and thus, keep diabetes in check.

Cosmetic / Skin Care Benefits of the Acerola Berry:

The Acerola berry halts the onslaught of aging. It prevents premature aging of the skin, fine lines and wrinkle-formation and unsightly skin discolorations. Furthermore, Acerola is known to promote natural skin bleaching.

Quick Serve Recipes for Acerola Berries:

  1. Blend the Acerola berries along with a cupful of yogurt, for a healthful and delicious smoothie. You could even dice the berries and add them to fresh or frozen yogurt.
  2. Berries (either sour or sweet) can be added to prepare chilled soup. Poach them until they become soft, and then puree. Add a dash of honey and chill. Have the soup cold, garnished with a spoonful of cream or yogurt.
  3. Chocolate-covered berries make yummy mid-evening snacks. Soften the chocolate, drop the Acerola berries in the melted chocolate, and keep cold till the chocolate becomes hard.

Amla, the Fruit of Eternal Life

In the garden of Eden, God warned the first couple of humanity that if they ate the fruit of the “tree of knowledge”, they would definitely die. But poems of Sangam Tamil literature, written two thousand years ago, say that a special variety of Indian gooseberry(amla) can make people live eternally.

Sangam Tamil literature, written around 2,000 years ago, tells about an elixir fruit that could make people live eternally. Puranaanooru (an anthology of 400 poems which narrate the warfare and external life of the Tamils around the first century B.C.) describes an interesting incident of Adhiyaman, a chieftain of South India, presenting a rare amla fruit(Indian gooseberry) to an aged Tamil poetess. Adhiyaman loved Tamil language so much that he wished the aged poetess Avvaiyar might live for a long time. He got a rare fruit from forest while he went for hunting animals. He was not selfish to eat the fruit himself and live longer. Rather, he thought that by presenting the rare fruit to Avvaiyar he could serve Tamil language and society in a better way.

Amla, the Ayurvedic elixir of rejuvenation

Charaka Samhita, an Ayurvedic text of ancient India, mentions about a rare herb, found in mountains, which can make one live hundreds of years. There are many references in Ayurvedic texts, mentioning a rare variety of amla(Indian gooseberry) which is known for its miraculous potency of  rejuvenation. Amla is very effective in rejuvenating all the systems of the body by building up immune power. Its medical benefits are so great that Ayurveda calls it “The King of Rejuvenation”.

Why does Ayurveda consider amla an elixir of rejuvenation?

# Amla balances the three humors

Amla, botanically known as Emblica officinalis, possesses all the properties of rebuilding body system. It balances the three humors vata, pitta and kapha. The concept of these three humors or tri-dosha is the basis of Ayurveda system. Rich nutrients of amla promote positive health.

# Regulates digestive system

Regulating the digestive system is the main benefit of amla. By strengthening absorption and assimilation of food, it improves digestion. It helps avoiding heart burn and acidity. The high fiber content in it acts as a laxative.

# Controls cholesterol

Amla can maintain the balance of the body systems. It protects mind by keeping it free from stress. The therapeutic properties of amla improve the blood circulation. This enables amla fight against metabolic syndrome and helps control high blood pressure.

# Rejuvenating power of amla

Owing to the multi-health benefits of amla, all the systems of the body function well. Amla is very rich in Vitamin C which is required for our body’s natural defences and healing mechanisms.

It helps maintenance and repair of bones, teeth and hair.

# Elimination of toxins keeps the body young

Exposure to chemicals and consumption of processed foods result in the accumulation of toxins in body tissues. Accumulation of toxins is the main cause of diseases and aging. Amla helps in elimination of toxins which, in turn, helps rejuvenation.

Amla has all the nutrients, needed for rejuvenation. Regular consumption of amla prevents aging and promotes longevity. Its preventive and curative properties keep us away from diseases by boosting our immune system.


Cynergy TK, Coenzyne Q10, Phytessence Wakame: Anti-Aging Cream Reviews

There are types of anti-aging creams made by many brands. Anti-aging creams can make your skin healthier which does make you look younger.

The process of aging is such that each and every person has to go through it. Now-a-days, excessive work stress due to long hours of work and environmental pollution are responsible for the process of aging to occur fast and early in people. The anti aging products for men and women mentioned in this article have received positive feedback and are useful for keeping your skin healthy, improving your looks.

Anti Aging Creams That Work for Men

When it comes to using anti aging products, we should use only those that are recommended and are meant for us. For example, if men use products such as face creams meant for women, they will not get the expected results as their skin is thicker, oilier, and has deeper pores than women. The best anti aging creams for men can solve most of their facial looks related problems, if they simply follow the products usage instructions.

Cynergy TK is an anti aging cream for men which helps in making the skin smooth and soft by producing the very essential collagen and elastin in the skin. You can use silicon dioxide to provide your skin with the much essential radiance and for making its upper layer smooth. You can get rid of the wrinkles on the skin, which are the prime indicators of aging by using avocado and macademia oils which avert light by wrinkle penetration. In the market, there is a cream available known as Nanobelle Coenzyme Q10, which has the capacity of reaching all the layers of the skin, thus increasing the chances of looking good. Phytessence Wakame or wakame CoQ10 is among the anti aging products that work, as it holds the hyaluronic acid for keeping elastin and collagen together.

The anti-aging foods, which contain Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and the vitamin B-complex will help you deal with aging, due to the phytochemicals and the biochemical functions carried out by these vitamins. Anti-aging foods are all vegetables and fruits. These can also be referred to as the anti aging vitamins for skin. While Babassu smoothens the skin without making it oily; honey will help in the process of healing and bringing back the freshness in the skin, which is generally lost due to pollution.

The anti aging products that really work ideally contain copper peptide and Matrixyl. The anti-aging creams help in delaying wrinkles by the suppression of the response of the sensory fibers. The facial expressions look natural and decent with anti aging creams. Read more on anti-aging skin care products.


Anti Aging Products to Get Rid of Oily Skin

Anti aging products for oily skin are useful for both men and women, who face the age old problems of oily skin. The products recommended for oily skin must contain salicylic acid - which reduces oiliness along with the wrinkles. Retinoid, citric acid and glycolic acid containing products, are definitely included in the anti aging products that work well. Cosmetic products - which are water based and mineral makeup, are ideal anti aging products that really work. You should strictly avoid using heavy creams in excess, though there would not be a problem in using the different kinds of lotions in the market.

Anti Aging Products to Get Rid of Wrinkles

Choosing a proper anti aging face cream to make it wrinkle free is very important. The anti wrinkle creams should contain Cynergy TK and all the essential vitamins. Avoid using creams which cause allergic reactions on the skin. You can try some quality products of companies such as Nivea, L'Oreal and Kiehl. Read more on anti wrinkle skin care products and anti aging wrinkle creams.

The information in this article, about anti aging products that work, is based on the reviews and you should consult your doctor to know about the side effects (if any) of these products. Along with these products, it is necessary that you eat good food and exercise well to look better.