The Sweet Potato is a Powerful Anti Aging Food

Sweet potatoes are potent anti Aging foods; and are known to prevent the development of wrinkles effectively.

Sweet potatoes do not actually belong to the potato family. It is a root vegetable that has about 400 different varieties, and interestingly, this root has been publicized as an

amazing anti Aging

food that combats the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and helps keep the skin elastic,

soft and radiant.

Health Benefits of the Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes are an excellent source of carotenes. Typically, the darker the root, greater is the concentration of the carotenes.

Additionally, sweet potatoes provide vitamin C, copper, biotin, vitamin B2 and B6 and fiber.

Distinct from the other starchy foods, the sweet potato is classified as an anti diabetic food. Clinical trials state that sweet potatoes steady the blood glucose level and enhance response to insulin.

Sweet Potato and Anti Aging

The root provides exceptional storage proteins, that exert major anti oxidant as well as anti Aging benefits in our body. These proteins are powerful free radical destroyers that ward off impairment to the cells’ DNA and consequently, prevent various illnesses and also halt the process of Aging.

Laboratory investigations say, these proteins demonstrate about 1/3 rd of glutathione’s activity, (a relatively vital anti-oxidant).

Storage proteins, carotenes, and vitamin C found in abundance in the root, have a decidedly favorable impact on the skin. Together, they enhance the body’s anti-oxidant levels; and thus halt the assault of Aging. The sweet potato promises to avert and stave off the occurrence of wrinkles, perk up the skin’s texture and check sagging.Sweet Potota promises a youthful skin texture.

Recipes Using Sweet Potatoes: Quick Serve Options

When you buy sweet potatoes, choose ones that are firm. Do not select those that are leathery, wilted or discolored.

The following recipes are easy to make and can be incorporated in to your daily diet:

  • Slice 2 sweet potatoes, and dab on some olive oil. Toss in your favorite seasoning: oregano, parsley, pepper, or basil. Bake till the slices turn gold-brown. This is a yummy easy to make, nutritious snack.
  • You may add sweet potatoes to sandwiches. Take about 2 sweet potatoes, boil them, and then mash them. Put in some salt and desired seasonings. Use multi-grained bread for the sandwich; stuff the sweet potatoes between the 2 bread slices. Grill.
  • You can add diced sweet potatoes to a stir-fry.

One serving of the root will give you three grams of dietary fiber, two grams of protein, carotenes, and plenty of vitamin C. Incorporating sweet potatoes to your everyday menu is greatly recommended.


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