Vitamin C Promises a Radiant and Younger Looking Skin

Vitamin C is conceivably the most advertised beauty-vitamin, making its appearance in nearly all beauty products and cosmetics. Ascorbic acid or vitamin C ensures you have a blemish free, glowing, healthy and younger-looking complexion. It enhances the sk

Vitamin C is chiefly responsible for the preservation of the skin’s structure and health. Its principal function is the synthesis of collagen, the foremost and very important protein-substance in the body. Collagen supplies shape, texture, structure and suppleness to the skin.

A sufficient intake of vitamin C, on a daily basis promises a beautiful and gorgeous-looking skin. What’s more, the vitamin is used widely in the management of a range of skin ailments, like - psoriasis, eczema, acne and sunburn.

Vitamin C - Excellent Food Sources :

Even as most people regard citrus fruits are the finest source of ascorbic acid, vegetables and a lot other fruits contain generous amounts of the vitamin too. The following foods provide you with liberal quantities of vitamin C :

1. Red bell peppers

2. Acerola berries

3. Guavas

4. Parsley

5. Lemons

6. Green bell peppers

7. Brussels sprouts

8. Broccoli

9. Mustard greens

10. Mangoes

Always bear in mind that Vitamin C gets destroyed, when the food-source is exposed to air, hence, consuming fresh foods sources, as soon as they are cut, is advised.

Even though, a salad at the salad bar, is a prudent and nutritious meal option, the vitamin C content of the chopped and shredded vegetables and fruits is only an insignificant and miniscule portion of what it would have been, had the salad been made fresh.

Our Skin is Affected by Stress

Research and laboratory assessments state that, stress (be it emotional stress, psychological stress, chemical stress or physiological stress), increases the secretion of vitamin C in the urine. This in turn indicates a greater necessity for the vitamin during episodes of stress.

At all times, the skin is the first organ in the body, that gets affected and shows the injurious and brutal effects of stress. Environmental toxins, cigarette smoke, chemicals, pollutants, food additives, allergens, worry, anxiety, emotional turmoil, all, inflict extreme damage on the skin, causing it look lifeless, dull, luster-less and leathery.

Keeping the intake of vitamin C rich foods high and occasionally, administering vitamin C supplements, is strongly recommended to sustain a healthy complexion. More over, vitamin C is packed with powerful anti-oxidants that fight and wipe out free radicals (formed due to stress). Accordingly, getting the prescribed amount of vitamin C everyday is extremely important to maintain a clear and radiant skin and to stave off the onslaught of aging.

Other Health Benefits of Vitamin C

Innumerable researches, clinical trials and population based studies have revealed the outstanding health benefits of this vitamin :

  • Vitamin C peps up the immune mechanisms of the body and increases the body’s resistance
  • It drastically cuts down the risk of developing cancer
  • Protects the body from environmental pollution
  • Reduces the occurrence of cataract 
  • Hastens wound repair
  • Vitamin C greatly enhances life expectancy.

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